Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Tis the Night Before the Race

So, tomorrow morning is the big day. I am running my last half of my first season. Don't worry, there will be many more seasons to come. I already have my next half planned for next year (in March). I will keep running and blogging about my adventures. I love running too much to give it up.

Last night, I picked up my packet downtown. It was so organized. I loved it! Here's my shirt, bib, d-tag and pint glass that I get to fill up once for free in the beer garden. I love the shirts! The race is called Urban Cow, so that's with all the cows stuff.

Jason has some friends over right now (that's why I'm posting so late). So, today, I'm going to carb-load with yummy pizza (no beer, though), and rest like a dead woman. I have lots of movies planned and reading some running books. It's going to be a very chill day for me.

To finish the race un-injured, happy and having fun. I wish to finish under 2:30, and anything under 2:15 will be even better (that will set a new PR).

Plan for the race:
I will set out at my own pace and not worry about others passing me the beginning. I have fruit chews (no more GU after my last half) that I have tested out and know that they do their job. I usually take the chews about 5 miles and 11 miles. I will drink my hand carried water throughout the race and only take water at the air stations (about every 2 miles). Whenever I drink Gatorade, my stomach get sick. I will have a great time and enjoy the surroundings and the bands along the course.

I don't have anything set for the exact music and time hat I listen to it. I will start the race without having my mp3 player on, and will turn it on probably about mile 4. I have Marylin Manson, System of a Down, Metallica, Sublime and so much more on it. I will be pumping to the hard beats!

Post Race:
I will enjoy the live music, and chocolate milk hey will have, along with the yummy foods. Afterwards, I have to head home as soon as possible, because I am taking Jason out to conclude his birthday celebration. We are driving about 2 hours away to go to one of our favorite breweries (that we haven't gone to, yet).

Tomorrow will be a blast and will go by so fast, but will be a great day! So much to do to prep for tomorrow, so I better get everything laid out, so I don't freak out tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday!

How do you get ready for a race?


  1. good luck! that is so fun you are going to a brewery afterward! I hope you nail that pr!

  2. Hope your race went well! Can't wait to read about it!