Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running with Mr. Smelly

So, while I was at the gym this morning (already over a mile into my run), a guy with buckets of cologne got on the tm next to me. I couldn't stand it. I only ran 3 miles today (I had 4 planned). It was so strong, I think it stained the inside of my nostrils. I've never understood this. Why do guys (I rarely smell girls with a ton of perfume on) wear a ton (or any) cologne to this gym. I understand that you may have work or other plans afterwards. But, you can always shower or at least wet nap the smelly parts and put it on aftewards. Why wear the smelly stuff before you workout? As I was leaving the cardio area, I walked by another guy that was super smelly, too. The thing is, it's not always older men or always younger guys. It's the entire age range.

Yesterday, I made mini apple pies. They would have tasted better if they didn't get stuck to the pan. They were still good, just crumbly (and not in the good crumbly way). I also made a pretty good bread (not pictured). It was pizza dough (un-cooked) with some whipped butter that was mixed with minced garlic spread on the rolled out (in a rectangle) dough. Then, sprinkle mozz cheese on top and roll it the short way up. Spread the remaining butter op top and bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes. We had company over that went like hot cakes!

Ok. Male readers (or female with some insight), please tell me why most of you wear too much cologne to the gym ?


  1. I can't imagine the cologne and sweat mixed up at the gym...yuck.

  2. I dont' wear cologne to the gym or really ever. But I think most men put cologne on to go to the gym so they don't smell like sweet while working out and they can impress the ladies. Drive's me insane too.

  3. I hate when both men and women wear a lot of cologne or perfusme to the gym. Don't they realize that it just stinks when you start sweating?!? Gym Rule 101!

  4. I have never smelled it on a guy at the gym, but I have on both sexes while they were running. I don't get why anyone adds any of this crap before working out. Annoying and rather dumb.