Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farmers Markets

After I relaxed for a little and woke up Jason, we headed out for some errands we needed/wanted to do. The best errands are the ones you want to do.

The first stop was to the Nugget grocery store. I needed to find some tzatzki sauce for some Greek burgers I'm making in a couple days. Jason and I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. So, finally, we asked for some help. We had 3 people looking for us, but no one could find it. Finally, they sent over near the bakery, and this guy said he would make it for me. I love this store, if they don't carry it, they will make it for me.

So, we went outside (there were a lot of samples being given away). They even had a vendor giving away free free-ranged all beef hot dogs. It was so good!

5 minutes later, I heard my name over the pa systems and I got my sauce.

Next on the list was Target. I wanted to get a bright green running tank (cheap), so Jason could see me at my next race. I couldn't find anything I wanted there (or at Sports Chalet, which we went to next). I'm very picky about my clothes. I also was looking for some popsicle molds, but couldn't find those either. I got everything else that was on my list and headed out to the best part of the day.

A Farmers Market!! I love going to these, and when they're only 10 minutes away from home, it's even better!! Here's all the fruit we picked up: strawberries, nectarines, peaches and plums.

The veggies: carrots, garlic (2 cloves), bok choy, artichoke and a zucchini.

We got all of this for under $16.00!! What a steal!!

How is/was your weekend going? Any races or farmers markets?


  1. Great food for under $16! I love Farmer's Markets!
    No races this weekend, but did get in 12 miles, which I was happy about!

  2. I love Farmer's Markets!
    I did not race this weekend. In fact, I'm been suffering from lack of inspiration lately, so I got a great 10k in on a pretty route. I feel ready to hit it again this week!

  3. Farmers Markets are my FAV! Usually they are more expensive for me though... def. worth it!:)

  4. How cool is it that they made you the sauce?! Great shopping trip : )