Friday, July 8, 2011

Rolls & Fritters

I haven't been posting too much food on here lately. That's because my dinners have been pretty boring or nothing special to write about. Usually things I'd never make again. Until last night. I made Sausage Phyllo Rolls. I didn't have any phyllo, so I used puff pastry instead. Here's the cooked meat mixture. It may look nasty, but it was so good.

It always takes me longest to fill the dough and roll. I always pack it too full and it explodes, so I'm trying to prefect this part.

I also made Corn Fritters. I've never had these before. I figured, since I like corn and pancakes (that's what it sounded like), I thought I'd like these. I hardest part for these, was flipping them. If you remember, I never make the pancakes, Jason does. Well, these turned out ok.

A couple of the fritters got burnt, but they still tasted good. I loved the rolls. When Jason got home, he had dinner. He pretty much hated the fritters (he also likes corn and pancakes), but he loved the rolls.

I'm going to keep the fritters recipe, Jason doesn't have to eat everything I make.

Of course, I'm still tapering and I'm just filling my time with things to do. I have a bunch of lists all over the house, so I'm planning on completing these lists this weekend. How do you survive taper week(s)?

Have you made anything new (that turned out), lately?
Recipe, please!

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  1. I posted a link to a really good salad the other day, made with grains and dried cherries, nuts and feta, so good!