Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Happens After 13 Miles

After my long run yesterday, not a lot happened (which is how I tried to keep it). I relaxed some.

I relaxed a little more (with me compression socks still on).

When I finally decided to get up to take a shower, this is what I found in the bathroom. Two of the kittens decided to play with the toilet paper. They just started this (and they're a year old now). They loved sliding into the paper, like sliding into home base. It was pretty funny. I buy the cheaper TP, so it wasn't a big deal.

I'm bringing my famous 7-layer dip (one of the layers is ground beef) to the 4th of July party tomorrow, so of course, I had to make a small one for me & Jason to test out and make sure it was safe for everyone.

Jason was nice enough to cut up an apple with PB on the side for me! How sweet of him (I was too lazy to get up).

It was so hot yesterday, I never really wanted to stand over the stove and cook dinner, so we kind of snacked all day (I know, that's bad, but dinner will come tonight).

I know some of you had some long run planned this weekend, what do you do afterwards? Do you relax, or do you get more sweat on?


  1. I did a semi-long run of 8.5 miles yesterday, and now lots and lots of relaxing and celebrating. Your dip sounds awesome!

  2. I did 10 miles today and then spent an hour weeding my garden, cleaned the house and am now relaxing catching up on blogs before I take my kids to a party later today.

  3. The cat and the TP is funning.

    My old cat use to LOVE sliding on newspaper. The first time he did it I was away at the store. When I got back the whole appartment was COVERED in newspaper. I thought I got robbed. I checked the house and nothing was gone. I cleaned up and 10 minutes later I saw the cat using the paper as a slipe-n-slide. He also loved to knock all pens and pencils off the tables.

    Good luck with your training.