Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RaceReady Shorts

As runners, we are always looking for the perfect outfit. One that is fashionable, comfortable and useful. Well, I have finally found the perfect pair of running shorts. I love them with all my heart. RaceReady reads runners minds. They are made out of a light weight material that just flows while you're running. The best part about these shorts, there are a million pockets that can hold everything a runner may need.

On the front hips (yes, there 2 on the front), there are velcro small pockets. You could fit a key, money, chapstick (for me) or something else that is small.

The back has 5 mesh pockets. I tested these shorts out yesterday with my 4 mile run and 10 minutes on the stairs . Nothing bounced around, the shorts never slid down and the GU (that I practiced with) never came flying out. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything. I actually forgot I had the GU in the pocket, until I sat down with weights and was wondering what I was sitting on.

The shorts have built in underwear and a drawstring. They are super comfy and I could have worn them all day long, but stupid work got in the way. (My cat was amazed by the flashing red light for the self timer.)

I am so impressed with these shorts, that I am going to wear them to my next half (only 3 days away...eeek!). No belts or stuff sliding out of my sweaty hands, I love theses shorts.

RaceReady sent me these shorts, and these are my honest opinions. I really do love the shorts, it's not a lie!!

What are your go to race day shorts?


  1. I want a pair of those!! How cool!

  2. I love the concept behind them but they have never fit me well.

    I have a Siamese too!

  3. Those look awesome! I threw fashion out the window a while ago when it comes to running, maybe it's time to get it back :-)

  4. Those look great! I am ALWAYS looking for shorts with pockets!

  5. I have a pair of Pearl Izumi shorts that I race in a lot. They have a pocket in the back for gel kinda like those - and they are a bit of shorty shorts. :) But, they are a bit tight, so I don't wear them for normal running often.