Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Sale & Unexpected Miles

Since Borders Book Store is going out of business, we decided top take advantage last night. Here are the books I was looking at. Can you guess which ones I ended up getting (I bought 3)?

We continued our date night with dinner. We saw a new(ish) place that was open and looked good called Smash Burger. It's similar to the Habit that we always go to. I got a standard burger on whole wheat.

But, I think Jason's looks so much better. I don't know which one her got.

When we got home, we finished season 2 of Dexter and went to bed. It was way past my bed time (11). I got up before the sun, once again and had a quick snack (toast with some butter), got read and headed out for some miles on the streets. I had 9 1/2 miles planned. When I was mapping out my run, I couldn't get the Google pedometer thing working correctly, so I had to guess how many miles were at the end. After running it, it ended up being 10.3 miles. Not too bad.

My legs were so happy. This was the first run over 6 miles since the bad race. I felt great the entire time! I'm home now, and I just finished my chocolate milk and now I have to get ready. We have some boring errands to run today (groceries, oil change and bagels). I'm excited about the bagels, though.

Which books do you think I ended up buying (choose 3)?


  1. Did you buy all of them? I have read the bottom four. I have not heard Mile Markers. I'll have to look into that one.

  2. I'm going to guess... Born To Run, The Long Run, and Run Like a Girl.

    I have Born to Run and love it so far!

  3. born to run, run!, and run like a girl? just a guess :)

    i'm working my way thru born to run...