Saturday, July 9, 2011

Punching Bags, Manicotti, & Dairy Queen

I had been looking forward to the meal I made last night, all week. I was so excited to get home and start cooking. But, when I got home, we had someone working on our stairs (a stair almost gave out on Jason last week). He told me it would only be another 10 minutes (when I arrived home), so I sat outside, in the heat, for about 40 minutes. I was not a happy camper. But, I was still excited about dinner.

I found this recipe for Beef & Cheese Manicotti . I've never had it before, but I've always heard really good things about it and wanted to give it a try. Here are the noodles all stuffed and ready for the toppings.

Everything is ready to go in the over (while I shower).

Half hour later, it's ready to be eaten and enjoyed. We really did enjoy this. Jason went back for seconds.

After dinner, he asked me if I had bought any ice cream when I was at the store the night before. Which I didn't. Then, I started thinking about how nice a Blizzard would taste. I had been craving a Blizzard for a while now.

Dairy Queen had always held happy memories from when I was a young kid. Whenever I spend the night at my grandparents house, my grandma would take all of us kids there for hamburgers and blizzards. We always had so much fun there. It may look kind of scary from the outside and run down, but it still holds a special memory for me.

I ended up getting the Snickers Blizzard.

A few days ago, I did some research to find a route that was about 6 miles leaving from my home. I really hate driving somewhere to run, unless it's really necessary. I found one and I had ran it before (just slightly different).

There was a point on my morning run, where I was crossing this parking lot exit and no one was coming, so I started to cross. When I'm about 1/2 way through the exit area, a car comes speeding through and almost hits me. When a car comes that close to me, the car gets punched. I usually leave a dent in their car. That's what they get for almost slamming their who know how many ton car into my little body. This was the only incident this morning. Other than that, it was a great run. No one else was out running/biking. There were barely any cars on the streets. I owned the place! Such a cool feeling.

I came home, a hot, sweaty mess after running 5.76 miles. I wore my 1/2 marathon race shirt, to make me feel super fast!i don't think it helped very much, though.

Do you do anything if someone almost hits you with their car on the streets?

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  1. Ooooh... I love anything pasta! That manicotti looks delicious, and I'm so craving DQ right now.

    Glad you weren't hurt by that stupid driver and his/her car! If someone attempts to hit me, I usually yell at them and give them the finger. ;)