Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekday Date Night: Concert in the Park

Whenever we go on a date, it's always on the weekend. The weekdays are just crazy with work, training and real life. Since it's so close to a race, I don't have any workouts. So, we decided to enjoy our time together outside, in the nice, cool weather. We went to a concert in the park.

We picked up some KFC on our way there (I know how bad it is for you).

It was fun, we brought our camping chairs and just relaxed while listening to some swing music.

Since I'm not baking, I bought some cookies. If I baked these, they would have been half gone before we go there and 3 times as many. This was the better thing to to (PB cookies, of course).

There was a different crowd than I expected. Look at the sea of gray. We still had fun.

Here's part of the band. The singers. They dressed up in old war uniforms.

The people in front of us had this dog. It was begging for my chicken. It was so cute. It would just sit there moving its paws up and down with these sad, pathetic eyes.

A lot of these old people really knew how to dance. It was fun to watch them.

It was freezing out, so I'm glad we brought our sweatshirts. Jason was a good sport, he hates going to things like this (really anything with a lot of people).

I hope the weather stays this cool for tomorrow. There's only one more day. It's crazy!! Today and a lot of tomorrow, I will be hydrating like crazy. Water, please best friends with my belly today. I always hate how many bathroom trips this means. At least my co-worker (yes, I only have one) is understanding.

Tomorrow, I will talk about my goals and race day outfit and fueling.

Have you ever ran a night time half? If so, how did you fuel?

Are you racing this weekend?


  1. I have never run a night time half but I bet this time of year it would feel pretty good. That dog is adorable. I used to have a shi tzu I miss that little dog.

  2. You are so cute! Ive never run a night half, but want to! Well I lie, I did run a 10k, at midnight with Nike, it was fun, total through off while I was waiting at the start line, but the lack of sun was kinda cool actually :)