Friday, July 29, 2011

The Socks that Make the Difference

Dinner was pretty good last night (aka: not healthy at all). I had bean and cheese quesadillas. Refried beans and shredded cheddar cheese in the middle with avocado, sour cream, and salsa on top. Very yummy and pretty!

Whenever I run, my feet would get really torn up. I will save you from any pictures of my feet, but chunks of skin wold be missing. Ever since the great people at Drymax Socks sent me some socks to try out, my feet are looking a little more human. I've been wearing them all week and I have fallen in love!

They allow my feet to breath and not get so sweaty and they are so soft, I've been wearing all day (I change between workouts and work).

They also have this cushy on the back at the heel that helps me with sliding and rubbing raw from my shoes.

Most of my running shoes slide down (in my work shoes) and I have to keep pulling them up. Not these socks. They stay put and never move.

When it starts to get cooler (since I always wear socks when I'm cold) these will be my comfy socks (as well as my workout socks, work socks and home socks). I do have different socks for all the listed above, I know, I'm odd.

I got to sleep in today and I'm so happy. I was starting to fall asleep at 8 last night. Jason was making fun of me and calling me an old lady. Today is a rest day, so no working out. I'll live through you guys when I read your blogs.

What are your "go to" socks?


  1. I love Drymax socks too! I have a pair for short runs, more cushy ones for long runs, and a super warm pair that goes up to my knees for winter!

  2. I don't have any "go to" socks - my feet aren't very sensitive and I rarely have issues (except toe nails, but that's another story) so I'll use any and all socks! Glad you found a pair you love.

    Enjoy the rest day!

  3. True story - cotton socks. They are under armor brand, but they are 100% cotton.

    They've always worked for me so I've never thought to change. That, and you can buy like 5 pairs for 10 bucks.