Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carbs & 13 Miles

Here's how I started my long weekend, with the Habit. It was Jason's idea to get burgers last night, and since I've had them before a long run, why not? I love the Habit! We started with 2 burgers (Jason got the double), 2 fries, 1 shake (for me) and 1 soda (for Jason).

We demolished everything. It was actually mostly me. I ended up eating most of the 2 fries (I didn't touch the nasty soda). I don't like whipped cream, and forgot to ask them not to add it, but I didn't eat it. I loved every minute!!

I was up at 4:30 this morning, to have some coffee, eat some toast and things pass that needed to before a long run. I met my gym friend at The American River Trail and she was so kind to pace me on her bike, while I ran 13 miles. She was great and kept me entertained while I ran. I had some pain in my right hip and needed to walk a little and had 2 bathroom breaks. All in all, it was a pretty good run. I finished in 2:19 (including all mentioned above). I walk, if needed, during the practice 13, because I don't want to injure something 2 weeks prior to the race. During the race, I'll kick the pain in the ass and keep going.

Here we are afterwards. Never mind the hugs vein popping out of my beet red face.

I drove home and now have my compression socks on and am about to eat breakfast #2 of the day (my face finally cooled off). I'm thinking pancakes?? I feel good and am ready for my long weekend to continue.

What are your plans for your long weekend?


  1. Great long run today! How kind of your friend to pace you on the bike--makes the time go by so much faster!

  2. Great run!!! And I think I need to stop thru at the Habit!!! We'll be coming to Oakland again the end of August!!! Maybe we can meet up for lunch! :)

  3. Nice run and that food picture is making me hungry, looks so good! Great job on your run.

  4. I'm at my mother's house for the holiday (and her birthday) weekend.

    The Habit looks awesome!!