Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catch Up

Here are all my photos from yesterday, that Blogger wouldn't let me post. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one is having problems lately.

Every week, I make a smoothie and drink about 8 oz. after my workout. This weeks smoothie was really good. In the mix was PB, frozen banana, frozen peaches, chocolate protein powder, V8 juice and honey greek yogurt. Great combination! It really helps cool me off aft a tough am workout.

I've really been concentrating on not missing any workouts because the race is so close. I've been feeling a little buff lately and I think I really am gaining a little muscle. I'm so proud of myself!

Yesterday, I made an artichoke. Jason and I split it, but really, we each wanted our own. So good!!

We ran out of homemade granola, so I needed to make some of these bad boys. They are great in yogurt!

Black bean burgers were out of this world! They were even better the second day. I hope they're even better on the 3rd (today).

They were so good, that Jason even liked them. They can never replace meat (I do love my meat), but they are very good! I was happy to stuff my face with them. Yes, I do use a pillow as a table. Doesn't everyone?

My next half is coming up in a bout 2 weeks. The race starts at 7pm (yep, a night time race). Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fuel for a night time race? I'm expecting it to be hot, so I know to drink my water but what about food? Should I eat what I normally eat for an am race? I'm afraid that I'll either eat too much or not enough. I like being Goldy Locks and have the right amount of food in my body.


  1. Look at you lil miss buff indeed! Those are some serious guns!

    All the food contained in this post looks delicious and now I am hungry. Thanks a lot! LOL! :)

  2. Great food as usual! A night race!! I'll be curious how you prepare--I'm running Vegas at night in Dec and will have the same itinerary!

  3. Killer arms!

    Please come be my personal chef ...