Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday, after my run, I stayed in my running clothes and compression socks all day and relaxed & refueled. My 2nd breakfast was a banana and chocolate milk.

One of my snacks was a cut up apple and PB. I think it's odd that I've never had this combo until just last week. I've heard so much talk about how good apples & PB is, I decided to give it a try, and now I'm hooked. Yes, I'm still in my workout clothes. The compression socks feel so good, I never want to take them off.

Since Jason wasn't home for dinner, I was on my own. Usually, when I'm on my own, I'll make something that is easy and won't take a lot of work. I made grilled cheese (with a little garlic salt on the outside) with some american and swiss cheese inside. Super yum! Some freshly bought grapes are always on my plate and I even tried to make my own tortilla chips, but that didn't workout so well.

I cut up 2 whole wheat tortillas and tossed them with the oil and seasoning and baked for 15 minutes (the recipe called for 30). I checked on them at about 8 minutes and turned the sheet, by the time I checked on them when the timer went off, they were all burnt, except for 2. The 2 that I was able to eat were pretty good! I may try this again.

So, today is our official anniversary. I had Jason plan everything (usually, I do). I know we're going out to dinner about 7 (only 2 hours before I usually fall asleep, so I slept in a little more than I normally do on Sundays...7). He mentioned that we are eating outside and I need to wear a dress and get cute. He's always complaining that I'm always in workout gear and sweaty and smelly and he wants a wife tonight. And that is all I know.

How do you celebrate special occasions?


  1. I looove apples and peanut butter! I am also always in sweaty workout clothes, and I think my husband must forget what I look like all dolled up!

  2. what type of compression socks to you buy?

  3. Apples with PB is my favourite snack! Happy anniversary! Hope you guys have an amazing time!

  4. I'm also curious about the brand of compression socks you like/wear.
    Happy Anniversary!