Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovin' the Mornings

After work last night, I went back to the gym for workout #2. It was tough wanting to go back. But, once I was there, it was no problem. I ran 3 1/2 miles (instead of the 3 I had on the schedule) and attempted my 60 minute spin class. We had a sub yesterday, and she was very soft spoken and very monotoned. The class was not fun and I was not getting into it. I stayed for 30 minutes and decided this sub was not for me.

Look what I had waiting for me. I can't wait! i don't have time to read it until this weekend.

I had a few snacks before dinner (brown rice takes forever to cook). I love grapes, and I'm getting back into this obsession.

Dinner was a wrap. In the mix was a whole grain tortilla, tablespoon of fat free ranch dressing, cooked shredded chicken, brown rice and some lettuce. Super yum!!

I was back at it this morning. Here's what time it was when I was dressed and putting on my shoes to leave the house to head back to the gym this morning.

Of course, it was very difficult to get up and out of bed to head into the cold outdoors. Once I got to the gym and had people around me that had the same goal, I easily got into it.

I ended up running an easy 6 miles and finished my 30 minutes on the stairs.

An early morning workout always makes everything better!

Now, it's time to drink my coffee, eat and get ready for work. Oh, the life of an early morning runner. I love my new schedule. I already have my workout done for the day and it's only 6:27!!

I have plenty of time to run errands, grocery shop and get things done tonight and more free time on the weekends!!

What's your new obsession?


  1. It is sooo rewarding finishing a workout so early in the day, though it is tough to crawl out of bed when the alarm goes off. Nice work!!!

  2. good for you!!! i wish i had that kind of motivation! ps ... please give me your cat in the background?

  3. I too love getting up in the morning and getting my workout done and over with. I am on summer break from school right now and I only teach half day of summer school and I am still getting up at 5am to work out.
    Horrible as this may sound, my latest obsession is pool time lounging around!

  4. Great job getting started (and finished) so early! Can't believe you had those back to back late night/early morning workouts!

  5. wow, nice job getting up and out!!!

    My latest obsession is dried cherries, although I did buy some fresh ones yesterday!

  6. I wish I could get my workouts started that early! Well, I could during the summer 'cause I teach.. but I guess I will always just be an evening runner.

  7. I'm completely impressed with the early workouts! If a clock says 4 am this body is going back to sleep!!!

  8. Fantastic double workout!
    I too hate when subs are disappointing...makes me wanna leave.
    That wrap looks delish!
    I'm rocking the early workouts now too. I have no choice with the kids home. But it's a great feeling of accomplishment being done so early.