Saturday, June 4, 2011

Running While Wet

Last night, I forgot to make dinner before we headed out to the little street fair we had planned. So, we ended up stopping at this little mom & pa taqueria. They had the best salsa I've ever had at a restaurant.

The meal was huge and very filling (and only $7). Score! I got the enchilada and taco.

The fair was only a few blocks away, so we slowly made our way over after eating that huge dinner. Yes, we still had room for froyo. I always have room for froyo. All day, it had been very overcast and it was suppose to rain. Because of this, the fair was cancelled. It never rained and it was about 60 outside (perfect for an outdoors fair).

We still had our froyo and I was happy anyways. It was a great night out with Jason. I don't get to see him very much because of my schedule (and I always fall asleep so early).

This morning, I got up at 5:30 (super early for me) and needed to go feed my parents cat (they're out of town) and I needed to get a run in before my night time plans started. I figured, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? I ran 5.45 miles to my parents, took care of the cat and ran 5.45 miles home. It was a total of 10.90 miles round trip.

It was drizzly the entire time (and raining harder now). The mist felt good, though. Just what I needed during this run. I was super happy to be home and relaxing. That is rain on my face, it washed all the sweat away.

Some how, my socks got dirty while running (in shoes). That's never happened before, but I don't usually run in the rain.

I need to go and clean the house and prep dinner. It's girls night out (at my house) tonight. I haven't seen the girls since my half celebration.

I know a lot of people are racing today and tomorrow. How did it go?


  1. Nice run--I love getting things done on my runs, I feel so productive!

  2. That's too bad the fair was cancelled, especially since it was nice. Glad you had a good night out anyway!

    Awesome job on the run - love to combine a run with an errand!