Friday, June 10, 2011

Half Day

After work yesterday, I was able to run errands and get things ready for this weekend without having to be rushed. I love my new early workout schedule. Today is a rest day, so I was able to sleep in. It was kind of nice. It was also weird that getting up at 5:30 is sleeping in. I feel like I'm getting old.

One down side of working out in the am is that I'm hungry all day long. I was hungry before, but now it's just insane. I've learned that I have to bring more food with me to work now. It wasn't pretty yesterday.

Jason wanted to show me something on our balcony last night. Look what we have (1st timers):

It's little green tomatoes. This is the first year that Jason bought a plant and is trying to grow cherry tomatoes. I'm excited!! I can't touch the plants, because I kill anything that comes within a 20' radius.

It''s getting warm here. Yesterday was 90 (it's been in the 60s and 70s), which is normal. It was a beautiful night out on the balcony last night.

This morning, we have to move everything from our carpets, because we're having them cleaned. It's been so long and they're looking pretty nasty. I can't wait. This means that I have a half day at work. The cleaners told me it would be between 12-4. Just like the cable guy. Oh well. I have things that need to get done here while I wait.

I guess I better go get ready for me 3 hour work day.

Do you use any chocolate protein powder? If so, do you like and what brand is it?


  1. I am hungry like crazy when I run in the mornings! It really kick starts the metabolism.

  2. clean carpets are the best! Enjoy you half-day...even better that it's a Friday.

  3. Ahh - the cherry tomatoes look like they're coming along great =)