Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cookies & Hail

Last night, when I got home and after my shower, I dug right in to my salad fixings. I was starving. I threw in some mixed greens, croutons, cooked shredded chicken, green peppers and tomatoes. I topped this huge salad with a little of ranch dressing (low fat=30 calories a T).

In a way I kind of felt like Elane from Seinfeld because she always ate a big salad. When I have a salad, I always eat a big salad. This was our dinner. Nothing else and it was very satisfying. Just look at all the yummy, healthy goodness.

If you've been reading my blog for a minute, you would know that I love sweets. More than that, I love to bake my own sweets (compared to buying them).

It was that time again. I needed/wanted to bake some cookies. So I made the best cookies in the entire world. I love these things. They are so soft, but have a little crunch on the outside. I added some chocolate chips, of course. I think that is just a must. I love to bake. If you want to fly me out, I'll bake what ever you want!

Tonight, I had a 5k sprint, 60 minutes of spin and leg weights on the schedule. Since I only got a handful of hours of sleep (and I need my sleep), my body is not capable to completing what is needed for today's schedule. I decided that today is a rest day. This is my first rest day in 4 days, my body is due for one (and my brain). I've been awake for over 13 hours and I need to eat and relax.

It's storming outside right now, and I love to watch the hail pour down.

How did you celebrate National Running Day?


  1. Mmmm cookies! That big salad looks delicious too. I love a good hearty salad.

  2. Your salad looks delicious!
    I had a rest day today too--bad timing for National Running Day!

  3. yummm. the cookies and salad look delish! i ate one today out of a huge pyrex bowl... :)