Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Mornings

The last bit of left over were eaten last night. Something new will be had tonight. I can wait for my wraps! The chicken was still pretty tasty.

Of course, I had to have a couple mini muffins. I can't resist these little things. They are really the prefect size. I love them. Don't mind the tired look on my face. I am pretty tired. The workout schedule is taking a lot out of me.

So, I've been thinking about re-thinking my workout schedule. This morning, I met a friend at the gym, the first first ever (during the week) am sweat session. I loved it. I still need to go back tonight for my spin class, but I don't need to lift tonight, which means, I get to come home earlier and spend more time with Jason. Here's the new schedule (so far, tweaks may be made, still): I will be posting in the mornings, from now on (unless something comes up)

Monday: (am) fast 5k, legs & arms weights, abs. (pm) 5k, 60 minute ripped class

Tues: (am) long run, legs, 30 minutes stairs

Wed: (am) 3.5 mile sprints, legs & arms weights, abs. (pm) 5k, 60 minute spin class

Thur: (am) 6 miles, 30 minutes stairs, legs weights

Fri: (am) not too sure, maybe 4-6 miles, legs

Sat: (am) 6 miles

Sun: Rest

If my legs are burning out too easily, I may cut back my leg weights. I still have some time. I have my next half in July and then another in October.

How is your training schedule going? When is your next race? If anyone is doing a race in my neck of the woods, I'd love to meet up, shoot me an email.


  1. I love getting in an AM workout - having more free time in the evenings is so nice!

  2. I need to work on a training schedule. I don't really have anything set right now except long runs on Saturday and speed work Tuesday or Wednesday.