Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day & a Bad Run

After I got off of work, I had my parents over and we celebrated fathers day a few days early. Sunday is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. So, I fixed them dinner last night. It was a pretty laid back dinner, since I just got off of work. We had chicken salad sandwiches with home made fries (baked not fried).

For dessert, I made my dad some lemon bars. He love lemon meringue pie. I hate the meringue part. Last time I told him I made lemon bars, it seemed like he was not happy that we finished them all before we saw him. So I made him the bars and even sent him home with some. They look ugly, because I have the hardest time trying to get them out of the pan. Jason has to help me. They tasted great, though!

Right after they left, I feel asleep. I sleep in until 5 am this morning and headed out for my run. I had 9 miles on the schedule this morning. I was still pretty tired when I got up, but really wanted to run anyways.

The start of my run didn't go well. I forgot to do something before I left the house. I pretended I was camping, which made everything better. I found great coverage! The entire run, my legs just felt heavy and still sleep, back at the house. I was able to complete the 9 miles (especially since it was an out and back course and had no other choice).

This trail is one of the original place where I started feeling my knee pain last year. So, every time I come here, I always think that I will get injured. Definitely not the case. I feel great, although my legs are still asleep.

I'm forcing a smile for you guys! In the background is the pool. I had some laps on the schedule, as well today. So far, it's too cold. Maybe later, it may happen, but I wouldn't count on it. I like to get all my workout done at one time. No going back (unless it's a Monday or Wednesday,haha). I'll see how I feel when it gets warmer and if the pool in empty. It's suppose to be 87 today.

Do you do laps in the pool? If so, how far do you go? Are you training for a tri or something?


  1. Dinner looks good!

    Nice job on your run. Way to push through even though you didn't feel great. And oh yeah, I OFTEN have to pretend I'm "camping".