Monday, June 6, 2011


Last night, I made Chicken Rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana. It was so good and pretty easy to make. My hands were covered it chicken goo, so I didn't take any cooking pictures. I know it doesn't look all that pretty, but my tummy says it was gorgeous!

Left overs are for dinner tonight, the best kind, too! Can't wait!

At the gym, I had a fast 5k, 60 minute new class (ripped) and leg weights on the schedule. I finished my 5k in 29:34. It's not my best time, but a very good time! Since I finished the 5k a little early, I headed over to work my legs on the weights. I had about 10 minutes before the ripped class started. I was able to almost half the workout and headed straight to the ripped class. There were so many people in this class. Two weeks ago (since last week was a holiday) was the first class and barely anyone was in there.

It was such a great class with so many people in there. I recognized so many people from my spin class. I talk to some and they said that they are doing the same thing I am, take ripped on Mondays and spin and Wednesdays. The instructor has so much energy and it is contagious!

I finished my legs after the class and that was a difficult thing to do. Ripped works your entire body and working any muscle afterwards hurts!! I am addicted to this class. It's my crack and I wish my gym offered it more often. This is actually the only class they offer, at all.

I'm going to shovel in the last bit of salad in my mouth before hoping in the shower, eating dinner, watching Law & Order with Jason and then maybe baking some muffins...

What's your night time schedule? My schedule gets kind of crazy and now that the sun is up longer, I get more energy and want to do more. I think I'll be spending even more time at the gym. I have an updated workout schedule to post, I think tomorrow.


  1. Nice job on the run + class!

    Mmm that dinner looks good!

  2. That class sounds like a good time!