Friday, November 12, 2010

What's for Dinner?

It was another slow day at work. I was lucky enough too keep busy enough that the time didn't drag minute by minute. I was out on time and home in no time. I was able to get a few things down around the house before it was time to leave, once again.

Hubby and I had some errands to do tonight. I know, I know, we live such crazy lives. We hit up Target and the grocery store on our Friday night. We live by the seat of our pants! Before we started, we needed to eat. Neither of us had eaten since early afternoon and we were starving. Can you tell where we ate? Hint: It's In & Out. One of our favorite places! My soda (first one in too many months) and ketchup were lonely and needed my burger and fries. I was too hungry to take pictures of the actual food.

Afterwards, we went to Target and got some Christmas presents off our list and bought some random things we've been needing. Then, we went major grocery shopping. While I sleep, I'll be making a crock pot (whole) chicken. I hope it turns out ok. I read the reviews and people that had tried the recipe (which I tweaked) were raving about it. Goodnight everyone. I need to go rest my blistered foot and relax before a day of walking tomorrow.


  1. Hubs and I were grocery shopping last night too!

  2. Hey - I just thought I would let you know that I have not received the towel I won back in August?