Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Time for Great Food

I had a bad dream this morning and couldn't sleep in as much as I wanted. So, when I got up, I made a yummy breakfast! I made french toast, bacon, eggs and coffee. This may surprise you guys, but this was the first time I ever made eggs. I had scrambled eggs and hubby had them over medium.

Lunch was another chicken salad sandwich, tortilla chips and a beer. This time, the sandwich was on black bread (which is a twist between rye and wheat bread). It was pretty good!

This time, I added some sweet relish in the mixture.

Dinner was just some potato soup from a can. I'm glad I'm staying inside tonight, it is so windy out there!


  1. Everything looks fantastic! I love french toast and will have to make some soon...maybe for tomorrow's breakfast:)

  2. yummm. i just had breakfsat and you are making me hungry again! that french toast - yum.

  3. I love breakfast foods! I can't believe that's the first time you've made eggs. I like them best when I do it myself. I guess I'm a picky eater :) I've never done french toast. YUM! something I should try!!

  4. I'm not familiar with this food. But It seems to me very delicious.