Friday, November 19, 2010

Cold, Rainy Night

We have some errands to run tonight. I made dinner before we head out. One of the errands is grocery shopping. My hubby is kind enough to come with me, even though it's cold and wet outside.

For dinner, I made chicken salad sandwiches. I used chicken from one that I roasted this past weekend. I made it my crock pot. It was easier, but it didn't taste better (just the same). I could go either way next time. This way is a lot easier to clean up.

In the sandwich I included some chicken (of course), celery, mayo and salt and pepper. It was so good. I took out some chicken from the freezer, so we can have more tomorrow.

We had brownies for dessert. YUM!! Well, it's off to run errands. What another exciting Friday night with the hubs!

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