Saturday, November 6, 2010

7 Miles & Dumplings

This morning, I wanted to get ahead start on my day. Instead of running outdoors (and waiting until 7:30 to start), I woke up early and went to the gym. I got to the gym right when they unlocked their doors. I ran 7 miles on the treadmill while watching a House marathon on tv. It was a pretty good episode. Ever since my training started, I've never walked during a run. I use to, whenever I needed to walk, I would. I'm so proud of myself that I'm sticking to my training as much as possible. Long story short, I ran 7 miles in 77:45. No joke, really 77 minutes (funny how things turn out).

After the gym, I went to the store for a little bit of groceries and headed home. It was pretty nice to have worked out, grocery shopped, put things away, cleaned up and taken a shower all before 9am.

Hubby made breakfast this morning. He made pancakes (so much better than mine). In mine, I requested adding berries to the batter. Then, I topped it with home made jam. It was so yummy. I downed those with a cup of coffee. A couple hours later, I had 1/2 bagel with another cup of coffee. Throughout the day, I've had some grapes and a PB&J sandwich.

In tonight's dinner, I used my chicken (from last weekend). I made home made chicken and dumplings. I've never made these before. In a sauce pan, I brought some chicken broth and cream of chicken soup to a boil. I added some frozen veggies (thawed) and my shredded chicken to the sauce pan. I brought all this to a boil and let it simmer for a little while. In a mixing bowl, I made some dumplings. I poured the sauce pan mixture in a 8x8 greased pan and topped it with the dumplings. I put everything in the oven for 10 minutes uncovered, and then covered it for another 10 minutes. It's cooling right now, so we'll eat it in a few minutes. I can't wait. It smells so good!

Don't forget to answer my poll to the right. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

What workout(s) did you do this weekend?


  1. Glad you were able to get in that 7 miles.

  2. You like your pancakes a lot darker than I like mine. I'm more of a 'just barely toasted' kind of a guy.

    Great job on getting to the gym!