Monday, November 1, 2010

Back on Track!

I had an awesome workout today. I ran 4 1/4 miles on the treadmill, then headed to a 50 minute spin class and lastly, participated in my 60 minute yoga class. The run went pretty well. I ran with my brace on today. I had a little pain, but nothing major. I kept the brace on for the spin class. I took it easy during the class. It felt good to get out of the saddle and pain what so ever. The yoga class was pretty lame. I didn't like the teacher. When she asked if anyone was new to yoga, no one raised their hand. Then, she was so surprised that we knew the moves before she finished explaining them. She would drag out her words and skip around the room. This is not very calming to me. Oh well, she was a sub.

Right when I walked through the door, I through my bag down and started the shower, I got things ready for tomorrow and hopped in the shower. As soon as I got out, I started finishing dinner (hubs started it). Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla, a small amount of ranch dressing, brown rice, my cooked chicken and fresh spinach. I have made this wrap many, many times and it's my go to wrap. I love it (hubby does, too).

I have already eaten my dessert, which consisted of plain greek yogurt, PB (chunky) and almonds. So yummy. It tastes so good after a 3 hour workout. I love eating this on Mondays after this workout.

Hubby took some cupcakes to work (so did I) and everyone liked them. At my work, only one person isn't on a diet, so he has all 6 to himself. He's not complaining at all. Everyone loves the frosting. It was pretty good, but each cupcake (without the frosting) has over 250 calories. Crazy amount of calories!

It looks like everyone had a great Halloween! It was good to see what everyone did! I'm going to finish watching Horders (this is such a gross episode). Good night everyone!

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