Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I headed out to the gym today for the first time in 4 days. I went light on the elliptical (15 minutes), then worked on my abs and lastly worked my arms. I'm pretty tired and feeling weak in the arms.

Some people wanted the recipe for my almond and lemon biscotti. Instead of white chocolate (which I hate), I used regular chocolate. I know, I'm original.

Another random picture from Europe. We're in Andorra here (a very small country between France and Spain). Such a cute place.

What was your favorite vacation?


  1. You had me at your headline! Yum!
    It's hard to pick but my fave vacation might have been Rome on our first wedding anniv....or Hawaii when Thing 1 was 3 and I was 3 mos preggo w/Thing 2. Very sweet memories!

  2. Ohhh I may have to add this to my Xmas baking this year! Yum!!

    I think my favorite vacation was Christmas in Cuba last year with the whole family - 14 of us!

  3. I haven't baked any biscotti yet! It's my favorite thing to bake, and this version sounds pretty incredible.

  4. YUM!! I should never check your blog at lunchtime :). I've had some very great vacations - but probably the best would be when we would go to Northern Michigan with my kiddos as a family. They LOVED the beach and the water and just having a blast! Love your pic from Europe :).

  5. Great looking dish! Make me hungry!