Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easy 3 Miles

Tonight was a pretty easy run. I had 7 miles on my schedule, but I have to leave early (at 3 miles) for personal reasons. It really sucks, because I was looking forward to this run all day and I had so much energy (still do). My legs were really needing to get out there and run. Oh well, I have 7 miles on the schedule for Saturday morning. I'm really looking forward to that because it will be running as the sun is rising.

When I run outside during the week, I run a paved sidewalk around a populated park. There are other people running, walking their dogs, playing with kids, baseball and soccer games going on. I have heard some concern about where I run. On the weekends, I run on this paved trail with other runners, walkers and bicyclists. If I'm not running at these 2 places, I run on the boring treadmill. No need to worry, but thanks for the concern!

For dinner, I was suppose to make baked potatoes with a nice tomato sauce on top. I forgot to put the potatoes in the oven, until it was too late (I was so hungry by the time I remembered). So, I ended up having a tv dinner. I had Organic Bistro's Savory Chicken tv dinner. I'm not a big fan of tv dinners, but Organic Bistro was so kind to send me some free coupons, I couldn't resist!

I didn't think it would turn out how it looked on the package, but it did (the haze is from the heat...straight out of the oven). It was so tasty. The chicken was juicy and everything had so much flavor (even a little kick to it). This was a very good dinner, and super filling. I am set for the night (no dessert for me).

Do you ever eat tv dinners when time is just not on your side? What is your favorite (brand or type)?


  1. I have tv dinners mostly for lunch when there aren't enough leftovers from dinner. I like the lean cuisines - they are usually the most flavorful. I also like amy's natural foods ones. I have never seen Organic Bistro in any grocery store.

  2. I very rarely buy tv dinners but if I got sent some free coupons I'd try em too! I'll have to try the Organic Bistro tho - those look pretty good.