Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dinner Recap

So, last night, dinner took a while. I thought it would. Once a month, I like to choose a country and make something there. This month was Japan. My hubby had lived there for a few years (in the Navy). I was hoping everything would turn out like he had there.

This is everything I used for the Shieldzini sauce. It needed to hang in the fridge for a couple of hours before eating.

I had so much fun shopping in the Asian market down the street. I love seeing what they have.

Of course, we had Sake with our dinner. We bought this at Bevmo. We prefer our Sake served chilled. Most people I talk to prefer it either room temperature or hot. Everyone has there preferences.

The Miso Soup was pretty good. I never really liked Tofu and I have came to the conclusion that I still don't.

The Shieldzini was ok, as well. You could only eat a very little bit at once. This recipe made so much. We'll have left overs for years.

We used our bowls and chopsticks from San Francisco China Town (not the plates). The main dinner (Yakisoba Chicken) was super good! It actually looked like the picture and tasted how it was suppose to. I love the Soba noodles. They're very doughy. The green beans weren't anything special.

I didn't make the Moochi. We also bought those at the Asian market. Over all, dinner was great. We can't wait to have the left overs tonight. It can't come soon enough!
On another note, my foot is getting so much better. I return to the gym (for sure) tomorrow to workout my arms (a very short trip). I have my race (5k) this coming Saturday. I'm not really worried about the time for this race, just that I finish uninjured. I am really enjoying my time off (from everything). I see everyone else is having a great time and I am really glad!


  1. Holy yumminess! Is that spicy? I have a mild palate, but that looks so healthy and yummy!

  2. What an adventurous meal to prepare! Sounds like it turned out great!