Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Bit of Goodness

While I was on my lunch break (which ends about 1 hour before I leave), I got really cold (from not doing anything but sleeping). I was so cold by the time I left, I couldn't stand the thought of getting changed at the gym. I decided that I wanted to spend some quality time with the hubby. I had some things I needed to do at home and we'd hang out when he got home.

After some things got done around the house and the hubs got home, we made a Christmas list of people we need to buy for (we start shopping Friday). We watched some tv while we ate dinner.

For dinner, we had some chicken burritos. They were pretty small, but enjoyable.

Since they were so small, and we only had 2 tortillas left from last weeks dinner, I also made some mac & cheese. This was Annie's white cheddar mac & cheese. It was kind of watery, but it tasted good. I think I'm use to the fake cheese powder, that this didn't taste right. You know how it is when you get use to something and try something new. It almost never tastes the same.

We were pretty filled from dinner, but we were in a munchy mood, so hubs had some chocolate milk and I had a Vita Brownie. Still yummy! My tummy is satisfied and I'm going to watch one last show before I head off to bed to read. Don't forget to answer my poll. I can't to see the results!
What do you like to put in your burritos?


  1. We like our burritos with spinach, blk beans, pinto beans, plain yogurt, cheese, hot sauce, tomatoes, onion, olives, and whatever else we might think of to put in there. Yummy, I'm hungry again. I agree that the Annie's is kind of watery. I like to just make noodles with grated cheese on top and melted in.

  2. Rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce. Simple.

  3. That sounds like my kind of dinner yum!! I am glad you made the decision to spend time with the hubs....that is the most important thing:) Plus some days it is just too cold to change into shorts!!

  4. I love making breakfast burritos with eggs, feta & veggies!

  5. man that 12am group sounds weird. i prefer anywhere from 5-8, so i voted for the 12-6 but the 6-10 would've worked too.

    course lately i can't get up early so i've been running in the 330-7 or 730-930 categories (cause if i run after work it's around 6-8pm)