Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hills and Drills

Another standard Thursday morning. Hit snooze a million times, ate my cereal, and off to work. I was tough at work and didn't cave into the blackberry cobbler. Yesterday, I had more than my fair share. My co-worker will finish it tomorrow, how nice of him! I had my banana and apple as my snacks instead. My standard lunch did the trick for a few hours.

Before I headed out to the gym, I ate 1/2 of a Mojo bar. The flavor was PB Pretzels.

I've never had a Mojo bar before and wasn't sure what to expect. When I opened it, I first thing I noticed the little PB chips. I've actually never had PB and pretzels together before. It was pretty good. I was thinking that all the water weight that I'll retain from this bar, after it goes away, I'll weight myself and I'll be lighter than expected. Which will make me happy!! I would recommend this bar to anyone. Maybe as a post workout bar.

At the gym, I spent 35:48 minutes on the treadmill doing hills and drills. Drills, to me, are really sprints. For the hills, I was at 6.5 incline, and the sprints were flat. I had about 15 seconds recovery between. I really kicked my ass today. I wasn't really feeling the standard run in one spot today for 4 miles. So, I did this in 3 miles. Yay me!!
For dinner, I ate the last of the left over spaghetti. It was still good. The veggies stayed just prefect. I was surprised that they still tasted good. I'm glad it worked out! Dessert was, once again, another granola bar. I love the chocolate chip bars. So good! Of course, like many girls, I LOVE chocolate.

I hope I'm in the mood to bake right when I get home (instead of laying around for a few hours first) tomorrow. I don't want to make a mess in the kitchen tonight (I don't feel like cleaning), so I'll wait until tomorrow. A fellow blogger gave me a suggestion I will definitely use (probably not tomorrow), to use Reed's crystallized ginger in muffins. She mentioned how it crystallizes inside the muffin and tastes amazing. I can't wait to try this. Maybe next weekend...
What is your favorite secret ingredient? If you don't have one, what your favorite item to bake?


  1. Hey fellow runner...when is that half-marathon you are training for??? I've got one on Oct. 17th. Weather here in Boston is finally a bit cooler, hoping to do a fairly long run this morning!

  2. I'm horrible at resisting sweets at work. Families/coworkers/bosses etc will bring all kinds of yummy bad food and I don't know how to say no! Anyway, that PB pretzel bar looks amazing. I have a PB obsession :)

  3. Hills and drills sound like a great way to keep things interesting on the treadmill. Way to go!

  4. I love to make brownies..and this sounds gross, but they're good with bacon crumbled in!!

  5. I discovered the mojo bars by accident and I really like them. I think my favorite so far is a chocolate pretzel one that is just perfect before a long run or bike ride.

  6. You've never had peanut butter stuffed pretzels? You don't know what you're missing.
    I'm a baked good slut so I will bake/eat just about anything. LOL ;)

  7. YUM!! I love Mojo bars. And I love your purply-pink sparkly nail polish :). Berry cobbler is to die for, good job passing it up! Have a great weekend :).