Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Four More Days

Standard morning. I wasn't awake like yesterday. I was extremely tired. I didn't have time to even sit down last night until 11:30pm. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out. I feel asleep trying to watch I Love Lucy.

I had my standard cereal with non fat milk. My snack was my usual apple (just a different kind).

My lunch was another standard for the week. I ate 1 kiwi for my afternoon snack. It didn't do the trick today, like yesterday. I just washed it down with a bottle of water. It tied me over until I left the gym.

My legs were still pretty sore from my crazy Monday workout schedule. Since I have my race on Saturday, I decided to take it easy at the gym today. I only spent 1 hour there. I used the elliptical for 30 minutes, and worked my abs for another 30 minutes. Just in time to drive home in rush hour traffic. Lucky for me, I only live 15 minutes away. I hope my legs feel better by tomorrow (I know they will).

To wash my dinner down, I drank a small glass of blueberry pomegranate V8 juice. Another great juice. I know it sounds gross, but it has a lot of flavor, and gives me my full servings of veggies.

Dinner was left overs: Greek pasta salad with chicken. It wasn't as good as last night, but it was still good. The pasta was a little dry. I added just a touch more olive oil and mixed. Good as new!

It looks like my Roxy girl is ready for dinner, too.

My dessert was another yummy slice of zucchini bread. I can't wait to see some of your photos and see how you guys liked it.
Tomorrow is my last day of working out until my race. I always take 2 days off before and 2 days off afterwards. I'm only going to take 1 day after, this time because I really love my hectic Monday workouts.
What is your favorite (non ice cream) dessert on a hot summer day? Mine is cookies (mainly chocolate chip)

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