Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second Saturdays

When I got up bright and early this morning for my 9am spin class, I fueled up with a cup of coffee and my multi grain cereal. I rushed out the door and began my class. This was a very tough class and it took a lot of energy out of me. There were a lot of sprint, hills and intervals. It's funny, I don't mind the intervals for my spin class, but for running...please kill me. Oh well, I'm seeing results and that's what matters to me.

After the gym, I headed straight to my parents house to visit some out of town family for a bit. I refueled with my orange Gatorade and I split my strawberry pop tart with my nephew. I haven't had a pop tart since I was a kid. It brought back some memories. Rushing off to school, not having time to grab a decent breakfast, so I take the quickest thing with me. Fun times!

After relaxing and cooling off, I had lunch. I had on open faced PB&J sandwich on toasted wheat bread. I had a side of tortilla chips with a bottle of ice cold water. The ice cold water was very much needed because of the 103 degrees here today. The air burns my skin just walking outside.

Since I had plans tonight with my hubby, I wanted to make something easy and cool, since we were going to be outside all night. I pre-made potato salad and made hot dogs when we were ready to eat. I started the salad by hard boiling 4 eggs. I peeled, choppedand boiled 7 Idaho potatoes. Once everything cooled enough to begin working with I chopped the eggs and added them to the bowl of cooked potatoes.

I then chopped 4 sweet pickles

I added a small can of chopped black olives.

I mixed everything together with mustard, mayo (Miracle Whip) and paprika (all to taste). Some people like more mayo than mustard and vice verse. I'm one of those people that like more mayo. I don't allow myself to have mayo, except on special occasions, like this.

Here's the finished product. I cooled until we were hungry (about 3 hours). You can serve right away, but it may be a little warm. If it's as hot outside as it was today, you may want to pre make this meal ahead of time (like when it's cooler out and the house won't get so hot with the burners going). This is a crowd pleaser.

Our plans were to got to Second Saturday. This is an event held in downtown Sacramento where a lot of galleries, restaurants and many other places stay open late and offer wine, cheeses and other snacks while you come in to look at art. It is a huge art walk. The warmer it is outside, the more the people come out to enjoy the art. I know, you wouldn't think people would venture out when it's 103 outside, but that's the most popular.
Tonight, my husband and I tried the wine, below. Sorry, I couldn't make out the label, but the Chardonnay was out of the world. The type was very difficult to read even while I was right there. I really loved the label.

This time that we went, Second Saturday was having a Zombie walk. I love Zombies, so this was pretty cool to me (this is what I was for Halloween last year). Here is a picture of a band that was playing.

What is your favorite morning workout?
Do you having something like Second Saturday near you? Do they have any themes like this?

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  1. Pop-Tarts used to be my favorite late night snack. I can smell it toasting now. ;)