Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Fridays are very happy days for me. I love Fridays. They are usually very busy at work and time flies by. Before I know it, it's 5pm and time to head home. Fridays are rest days for me. I grocery shop and have dinner with my husband.

Here is the biscotti that I've been eating from my work. They are called La Dolce Vita Biscotti. They are so tasty. They only have 12 g of sugars and 130 calories per 2 pieces. No so bad if you compare it to some other items (maybe like my other favorite, the Snickers bar).

Here's my usual lunch: 1 piece wheat bread with 3 pieces of deli chicken lunch meat, mustard and salad mixed greens. So yummy!

By the time I get home from the work and the store, I am starving. I usually try to schedule my left overs so I have them when I get home. Well, I didn't plan very well this week (it has been a crappy week). While I was at the store, I kept smelling the pizza place that is located inside the store. It's called Lenardi's Pizza Co. I wasn't expecting very much since it was located inside the store. They had a deal going for a large speciality pizza for $10. I chose a combination pizza and it was ready when I was done shopping. I placed the pizza in the passenger seat next to me. It was calling my name the entire way home. The smell was mouth watering.

As soon as as we unloaded the groceries, the food was on our plates. I was surprised of how great it tasted. I;m not one for pizza crusts, but this one was so good, I could have ate all crusts. I will definitely be going back to great these great deals.

I am going on week 6 of 1/2 marathon training. I feel really good about how this is going. I'm up to 11.50 miles a week. I know that isn't much, but it is a lot to me. This is the most I have ever ran. Every month, I will raise my mileage by .6 miles. I will do great in the race. I have about 10 months until the big day. They haven't posted the official race date, but this year it was May 1.

Do you have a training program you go by?

How far do you run in 1 week?

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