Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New PR Has Been Set!

All day, I have been concentrating on what I should be eating before my 8:30pm 5k. I woke up (after sleeping in for the first time since I started training about 2 months ago) just before 10am. I started with a cup of coffee, had a bowl of cereal, and a banana.

The time was on my mind all day. I've never raced at night before and wasn't sure what I should eat and when. A few hours later, I started to get hungry, so I had 1/2 vanilla-honey Greek yogurt with some fresh blackberries. So yummy, this is my new thing (if you can't tell).

Before I left, I munched on whole wheat toast with PB. Another yummy item. Here's what I wore to my race. I have everything I need...Luna bar, water bottle with pocket, MP3 player, hair bands, shoes, socks and of course Capri's, tank top and sports bra. I'm all set!

I picked up my packet, and got all my stuff attached (bib and timing chip). I went back to my car to put everything else away.
Jason was getting hungry, and we had time to kill (about 1 1/2 hours) before the 1/2 marathon started. There was a Chinese food place across the street, so I watched him enjoy his food. Yes, that's right, I was strong and turned down Chinese food. Here's what he had:

I was watching people pick up their packets and prep themselves for the race. I could tell who was running the 1/2 and who was running the 5k.

The entertainment for the night was the Aggie's band. They played some Ozzy songs, so that was cool.

I enjoyed my snack, which was 1/2 a Luna bar. Yummy-ness! We did sneak over to a place that was giving away free smoothie samples, but I think that's what gave my a horrible side ache. Still tasted good!

Here's everyone lined up for the 5k (the 1/2 had already taken off). People stretching and getting focused. It took a while until they finally let us go.

Can you see my hot pink back in the middle of the picture? There I go (thanks to Jason for being my personal photographer).

All I wanted to see was (at the most) 30:59. I had a good start for the first couple miles (10 minute mile for my average). I was getting worried because my side was still in horrible pain, and it hurt to breath. I dealt with the pain and kept thinking that as soon as I crossed that finish line, I could relax. I crossed the finish line at 30:58. Hey it's close, but I'm extremely happy! I finally met my goal. All my hard training has been paying off and it's not for nothing. I am very excited!! Here I am seconds after I crossed the finish line.

Here's the race shirt, bib and glow bracelet. It's a pretty cute shirt. This was the first year of this race (Davis Moo-nlight 5k) and I would like to race it again next year. It was a very flat course without a lot of turns.

Here I am enjoying my post race deli sandwich. I love all the good free stuff you get when you race. I'm all sweaty and red. I look like I worked out some tonight.

When I got home and showered, I fixed myself (and Jason) and nice dessert in celebration of my new PR. My take of a banana split. It has 1/2 banana, 1 tablespoon PB, 2 scoops french vanilla ice cream, handful of walnuts (out of almonds), some oats, chocolate syrup, and 2 cherries. So good. I did so well,why not splurge!!

It's time to relax and put my legs up. This has been a great week. I weighted myself for the first time in about 1 month (I was afraid of what I would see), and I'm under my goal weight, and now I've set a new PR!! What a great end to a great week. We're off to the lake with our dog tomorrow.
What is your PR for a 5k (or marathon)? Mine in now 30:58


  1. Hi there, congrats on your run! Looks like you guys were having a great time there. I won't dare to challenge the run. 5k! I don't even able to make 1k! hahaha.... Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. 1st, I LOVE blackberries. :)

    2nd, CONGRATS! Pr races are the best kind of races. Way to kill it!!