Thursday, July 22, 2010

Full of Food Fridays

The day started out average:

Breakfast: cereal
Snack: chopped apple
a surprise snack from my boss: chocolate donut
lunch: 1/2 whole wheat sandwich

My day was nothing special, until I got home from grocery shopping. I was unloading my car, and as I was bringing in the last bag (the milk), I felt something dripping on my leg. I look down and my milk had a leak. I had to think smart. When I got in, I grabbed my old milk container (which I hadn't thrown out yet), and poured the new into the old. I was thinking smart.

I had left over spaghetti for dinner.

Then, I needed to prep my stuff for the outdoor concert tomorrow night Jason and I are going to. For dinner, we're going to have egg salad sandwiches. I used mayo, eggs (4 hard boiled), sweet pickle relish, spicy mustard, and yellow mustard. I mixed everything well, and will top on a piece of bread (for sandwiches).

Pre-sandwich (I'll post the final outcome tomorrow).

For dessert we will have blackberry shortcake. I bought the shortcakes a while ago, and needed to use them. I bought some vanilla ice cream and will serve together (I'll also post this tomorrow, too).

For dessert tonight, I'm making apple oat crisp. I got the recipe from the Food Network channel.
Here are the apples tossed with the lemon juice, lemon zest, cinnamon, flour and brown sugar.

Here's the oats with the flour, brown sugar and butter.

The apples topped with the oats mixture, ready to go in the oven.

Cooling a little and waiting for my husband to get home. I will top with a little ice cream and server warm. Jason needs to get home before I decide to eat it all.

I hope everyone's night is going well. Today was a non-workout day because I have a race in 2 days. I can't wait for this weekend, it's going to be very busy. Friday we have the concert in the park, Saturday I have my race and Sunday we're going to the lake for just a few hours.
What are your favorite summer time activities?
How long do you take off before a race?


  1. The apple crisp looks amazing! YUM!
    Before a race, I usually take it easy the few days leading up to race day. Then take off two days before. The day before the race I do a 30 min jog to loosen up.
    Favorite things in the summer is anything beach related :) We also love finding live music and things like that.

  2. Good luck with the race Saturday. Clearly you've got the nutrition down.

  3. That all looks absolutely delicious. That egg salad looks YUM.