Monday, January 31, 2011

Mismatched Normalcy

I think I may be getting back to normal. It may not be normal for everyone, but it's normal for me. Actually, it seems to be a little better. My runs are feeling so good, and it seems like I'm getting faster. I will hopefully be able to tell at this weekends Super Bowl Sunday 10k. This will be my first race of the year and my first 10k race, ever.

I was able to run 3 1/2 miles without any sort of pain!! Afterwards, my spin class. It didn't feel as difficult as it usually does. That only means that I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I usually do.

When you go to the gym (mostly geared towards the girls, unless you guys care about matching), do you normally try to match your entire outfit? I see a lot of girls that match from head to toe. Really, everything matches according to their shoes. Here's an odd picture, but here's what I wore tonight:
I had my dark blue (with lighter blue and white stripes) capris, pink tank and red and white jacket. My shoes are white and almost a lime green. I'm not one of those girls that care what I look like, unless necessary. The gym is not necessary (not meaning to hurt any one's feelings). I'm just curious of what you guys think.

Tonight's dinner is going to be some toast with home made apple butter, fruit salad (with some of what you see below) and probably some greek yogurt with home made granola.

What was your dinner like? Do you ever crave the most simple things for dinner, instead of what you already have prepared? I do often.


  1. I ate a chocolate chip English muffin topped with peanut butter, and an apple for dinner. It was delicious!

  2. I definitely don't match at the gym! The only time I try to match is during a race because there will be pictures!!!

  3. Awesome that you are feeling so good! The 10K will be great.

    I NEVER match while running or at the gym. I think it's more fun to mix up all kinds of crazy colors. :)

    And I usually don't know what I'm going to have for dinner until the last minute. No meal planning over here b/c I change my mind too much! I often end up having something simple like an omelet b/c I can't decide.

  4. I never match... I always wondered about those girls at the gym. I just want to workout in gym clothes, not make a fashion statement!

    Hope you have good runs this week as you gear up for the race!