Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cooking Healthy

I was able to run a 5k at the gym today! I am pretty happy with those results. I wasn't expecting much, but then this came! I had a small amount of pain in my knee, and I want to take it easy, so I can run a 10k run on Saturday (not a race), so I stopped. I continued my workout with my daily (twice a day) PT.

Tonight's dinner was something that we don't eat that much of. I made meatloaf and flat bread. I got the recipe for the flat bread from Food Network Channel. In the recipe, it included a topping, but I only made the bread part.

The meatloaf, I got from my cookbook called "Cook Yourself Thin". These girls use to had a show on Lifetime. They gear this towards women. It's a great book! They try to take everyday type of food and make it healthier.

In this recipe, I only made the actual meatloaf,

and the sauce.

Here's the outcome. It all tasted pretty good. Because the flat bread didn't have a dipping sauce, so it was a little dry. I would take a bite from the meatloaf and then the bread. It was fine that way. Next time, I will make a sauce for it.

This may look gross, but it tasted oh so good!

Dessert was about 1/2 cup of greek yogurt with some home made granola. YUM!! This is my favorite dessert right now. I've turned my hubs on to this, too.
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  1. Anything with prosciutto has to be good!

  2. It all looks yummy to me! Sadly I'm the only one in the house willing to eat meatloaf.

  3. I love meatloaf!! I need to check out that cookbook!!