Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things...

I got up early this morning and went for a run outside!! I'm so glad that I felt comfortable enough to go for a short run (1.75 miles) outdoors. I haven't done this in months! My knee just started to give me a painful hint toward the end. This usually means that I have about 1/2 mile left. I felt so good!

It was weird running outside in the dark. I had some of my new reflective gear on. There were street lights the entire way (except for about .1 miles in the beginning). At the end, I came up and over this hill just as the sun was coming up. I twas beautiful! Here I am after running. Nice and sweaty!

After eating and showering, I laid on the couch with the girls and caught up on some shows.

This post is mostly about my favorite things (in no particular order). So, here they are (I have so many, it would get boring).
Cook books. I love cooking/baking, so this are the best.

My Nathan water bottle.

Of course, my Garmin.

Netflix. We watch movies all the time. I'm going to watch one once I'm finished here.

I'm obsessed with fruit. In the bowl this week are some oranges, pears and bananas.

Chapstick. I am completely addicted (no joke).

My Kitchen Aid mixer. Love it! I makes my life so much easier (thanks mom & dad).

I can't start my day without a morning cup of coffee.

What are your favorite things? How do you like my new header? What do you think?


  1. Netflix is the greatest thing ever! Oh, and I'm super jealous of your kitchen aid.

  2. Love the new header! Probably my favorite running thing is my iPod - can't run for too long without it.

  3. Cute new header!
    I also LOVE coffee, but have recently switched to half de-caf.
    Favorite running gear--probably my Nike cold weather pants or my road ID.

  4. I love the picture of you and the kitties watching TV. How relaxing!

  5. Fun new header!!

    Glad the knee cooperated for you. Cute picture of you and the girls!

    I love cookbooks. I have so many of them. I love books in general. Chocolate. I love chocolate. Almonds, especially when they are drenched in chocolate. Animals, especially dogs, especially mine.

  6. I have to have my chapstick too!! I have so many sticks everywhere since I often "lose" them in pants/jackets... We don't even have cable because we can watch Netflix on the tv (via ps3 or bluray player) so I am spoiled with no commercials :)

    Nice job on the am run!

  7. Haha, chapstick is definitely something I can remember you being addicted to way back in highschool. Dang, I am so jealous of your mixer!! Can't wait to get one of those. :D

    My fave things are coffee, tea, oatmeal (some people think it's gross but I love it), my kindle, and my slippers. High fives for the new header. I love it!