Monday, January 24, 2011

Donuts & Stylish Tag!!

On the treadmill, I was able to earn my donut!! After running my wonderful 6.25 miles and my PT and headed straight for the donut shop. I bought my hubs and myself a couple of donuts. I'm so happy that I have the good feeling that I can officially run my 10k that I wanted to register for (which I will after I blog).. So exciting! My 1st 10k.

Yesterday, I was tagged in Live~Love~Run's blog for the Stylish runner award. Yay for everyone that was tagged.
Part of the game is that I get to tell you guys 7 things you may not know about me. So, here I go:

I am seriously addicted to chapstick. I keep on me at all times. If I don't have it or can't find it, I open a new one. I one in my purse, one at home, one at work and one in my gym bag. See, completely obsessed!

I love my job and love going to work every day. I am a graphic designer and work for a small company about 10 minutes away from home. I love the people I work with/for. Everyone is so nice, it's like we're our own family.

I have much older brothers. I think they were 14 and 17 when I was born. I was basically an only child growing up. Which was nice, sometimes. I got a lot of attention and people tell me that I am spoiled. I don't see it, though.

Sometimes, when I laugh, I really get going. I laugh so hard that I start crying. Seriously, tears are shooting out of my eyes. Then, I start laughing even harder because I'm crying so hard. It just goes in circles for a very long time. I think this has gone on once for about 1/2 hour. Crazy!

Every week day, I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I don't really get tired of the cereal or sandwich. Sometimes, I can get tired of eating the same dinners over and over. I'm glad I married a garbage disposal.
I have never broken a bone. yes, I have sprained both knees (twice on the right and once on my left). I've never had any surgery (except dental).

I am a huge slob. I'm so lucky that my hubby has dealt with this for so long. He's super clean freak! If I could, this is how my entire house would look. I know, very sad.

I am starving and it's time to eat dinner...nothing special (chicken and rice with some green beans). I can't wait for my much deserved donut in the morning. Hope everyone has a great night!!


  1. I love these things because I feel it reinforces I'm not a complete weirdo ;) chapstick and I are BFF too, and I haven't broken bones/only had dental surg (wisdom teeth). You still have your tonsils too?

  2. You definitely earned the donuts! Congrats on the 6+ mile run. 10K, here you come!

  3. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! I eat the same thing for breakfast/lunch every weekday too!! I LOVE chapstick!! THat is so awesome you were able to run and now you have me craving donuts. 5 dollar difference for a 10k and a half...that is weird!

  4. congrats on the 6 miles!
    someone once told me donuts take 3 days to digest and i have not had a donut since! ha, how much truth to that does not concern me as long as i stopped eating them! :)

  5. Nice job on the run, woohoo!
    My brothers are 8 and 13 years older, so loved that as a kid (older hot friends :)).

  6. The best reason for running: EATING!

    And I'm totally almost certainly probably really surely gonna do the Parkway Half! Yes!

  7. You're doing so great with your running!
    Fun to read your facts!

  8. Oyy, FINALLY getting caught up. I'm totally with you on not getting bored with food. I could do the same thing every day (and do often times)