Thursday, January 27, 2011


That was what I was doing at the gym, flyin. I felt so good running 4 1/2 miles without any pain. You heard me right, no pain for 2 days in a row! More jumping for joy!! I really worked up a sweat. Here's some proof. I have gotten a bigger sweat from the gym, but here's tonight's:

So, hubs ate the rest of chili when he got home last night, so we didn't have that for left overs. I just made some chicken salad sandwiches with some cooked chicken from a few weeks ago (don't worry, it was in the freezer). I've found that buying and cooking whole chickens is faster (in the long run) and so much cheaper. I find a recipe that I like and I figure out how to use cooked chicken instead of uncooked (for most dishes).

It's time to go ice my knee and relax while I catch up on my dvr (I'm so behind!). On my attempt to get to my computer (with kittens running by at lightning speed), I found my oldest cat relaxing in the middle of it all. He doesn't mind all the chaos.

In my poll: Do you prefer to run with music, 71% said yes (I'm in that boat), 14% said no (I could never do that, I get bored so easily), and 14% said rarely. Another poll will be up in a few minutes. Thanks for participating!


  1. You're on a roll!!!

    Good idea using a whole chicken... may have to try that!

  2. Wow!! You're making some really quick progress. Good for you!

  3. Way to go!! And your chicken salad sounds good! I might need that recipe!! :@)

  4. Yay for no pain! That is great news!

  5. I definitely made my husband take a picture of me after my workout tonight. I am just not confident enough to post it! I think my sports bra looked exactly the same way!

    A trend I am noticing among the running bloggers is that a lot of us love cats!