Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Changes Brings Big Results

It looks like I will be running on Friday. My knee only allowed me to run 1 1/2 miles. I tried walking about .1 miles, but when I started back, it was still a little painful. I'll see if this helps (hopefully it will). Afterwards, I did my PT while I waited for my spin class to start.

This class was one of my favorites. We had a sing-a-long to "I had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing. It was so much fun. Our instructor threatened us, if we didn't sing, she would keep playing the song (it was a re-mix). It seems like something she would do. My instructor does still uses a cd (which kept skipping) and the other instructor, uses his ipod. I'm curious, all the spin instructors out there, do you use your ipod, or a cd?

When I got home, I put my bag down and this is what I found when I went to put everything away (only 5 minutes later). Scout really loves my gym bag. I guess she loves the sweaty stinky smell of my gym clothes and my stinky shoes inside.

I weighted myself, I am now officially back to my normal weight (from before the holiday binge). I'm making the life changes, I had once before. My knee is the only reason why I stopped my normal lifestyle of always splurging and not working out. Now, I'm back on track and getting ready for the 1/2 marathon (only 110 days from now, yes, I'm counting) and bikini season. I'm making small changes and getting big results. I love seeing results. It makes everything worth it!


  1. Ha that is cute about Scout. Good luck with that knee. And congrats on the big results - and on getting back on track!

  2. I have had instructors use iPods and CD's. I definitely prefer iPod - the transitions are a lot sm oother that way and no skipping!

    Congrats on getting back to pre-holiday weight. I am not there yet and now we're off to all-inclusive for a week. YIKES!

  3. Yay for being back to your pre holiday weight!!! I'm so jealous of your spin class. I can't wait to change gyms so I can try spin!

  4. THat is awesome you are back to your normal look AMAZING!! That class sounds so fun...a sing a long ha!!! AWESOME...I might have to try that. Yay for running on Friday, be careful:)

  5. Doesn't it feel good to get back in routine? Yippee for losing holiday weight! (I'm including myself)

  6. hooray for not gaining weight thru the knee issues! i hope friday's run is a success!