Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Weekend & Meeting New Friends

I have the best husband, he always knows exactly  what to get me for any special occasion. He spoiled me for my 30th birthday last year and bought me the best present this year:

That's right, a new laptop. I've been wanting/needing one for a very long time. Now, he gets to take over my pc (he desperately needs one, too).

He treated me like a queen on my special day: after we got off of work, he had me sit down and relax while I watched my favorite shows, while he made me a drink:

And, a great dinner:

Before getting starting, the next morning, we relaxed and enjoyed a cool morning

I found a new friend while watering,

and, Jason worked his butt off putting our rock wall together. Once it is stable, I come around and clean all the cement off (a lot more difficult than it sounds). We're almost done (completely).


While I was waiting for my turn to work on the wall, I made something else. I made a candle holder out of cement. It's nothing special, but it will be nice to have something for those outdoor parties, and to hold down the table clothes (and it's cute with the pressed leaf on the side).

It was such a cool weekend, that I decided that I wanted to run outside, no matter the temp. So, after work yesterday, I hit the streets. I ran 3.04 miles in 37:22 minutes. I guess that isn't so bad since I'm  not use to running in the heat. I'll run outside on Wednesday, too.

I'm not going to any of my usual classes at the gym this week because I have my own at home workouts this week. I need to shovel rock hard dirt (with lots of thick tree roots) and fill in the inside part of the rock wall (my part of helping with the wall). I need to get all this done this week (after work) because we're going to start planting out flowers and catus this weekend. Lots of arm workouts here. 

While I was filling in dirt, I was also watering. This is when I met another new friend. I've named him Phil. Isn't her adorable!

I can't wait for yoga tonight. I really need to stretch out after all that digging!

What's your favorite type of bug? I usually hate any type of bug, but praying mantis are my favorite, they are so cute!!


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