Monday, August 6, 2012

Color Run & Sweat Your Thorns Off

Over the past few months, I was able to convince my friend to run the Color Run 5k with me. Also, since I'm participating in Adam's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k, this was 2 races in one! Bonus for me!!

Kelly and I talked our hubby's in watching and cheering for us! They had us do a photo shooot before the race, while we were still clean. We are ballerinas here:

I sprayed my hair. The can was marked purple (obviously not), and it couldn't even finish my hair (Kelly was suppose to use it too). Jason is at every single one of my races. I think he's only missed one of my races (beacuse he had to work).

My very sleepy cheerleaders (they were up way too early). 

In a way to stall the start (45 minutes late start), they kept announcing that there were over 15,000 runners there. This is what the crowd looked like on all 4 sides of me. During those 45 minutes of waiting for the start, there were so many crowds that kept coming and coming. It was a never ending sea of runners. 

I loved having something go on every k. It made the race go by so fast! The 1st k was yellow and the 2nd was orange. I was kind of disspointed  by the brightness of the colors (blue was the only good color here). 

I thought pink would be a good color, but it wasn't as bright as I was hoping. Don't get me wrong, we still had a blast!

My favorite color!!! The blue poeple were the best!! They really got into throwing their color. They were dancing around and making odd noises and just having a good time!!

Here we are inside the blue.

There was the cutest old man that was sitting in his wheelchair (out of the color and on the sidewalk), he had the biggest smile on his face and he was giving high fives to all the runners that wanted them!! It was so cute!! He was really having a great time!

I was also disappointed that there wasn't a last color at the finsih, I thought there was going to be. The "after party" wasn't so much. I didn't even see it. Even though there was a late start and I was freezing in the begining, it was one of the greatest races I've ever done. I can't wait until next year!! Kelly and I are going to make this our annual thing. Here we are post race!

I wore my "working in the yard" shoes and they rubbed my feet raw, so I had to change them right away. Don't you love my tutu!!

We got cleaned up just a little (I had errands to run afterwards) and we stopped for breakfast. This was the best vanilla yogurt I've ever had in my life. The granola and fresh berries added so much flavor. Of course, it was paired with bottomless mimosas. Yum!

At home, no, I haven't showered yet (you can see a little blue near my elbows). So happy! Since this race wasn't timed, the hubby's guesssed on our times and they guessed that it took us about 30-35 minutes. 

Have you participated in a Color Run?


  1. My facebook wall blew up this weekend with all these color run people. I think in my city it was more of a 5k parade than a 5k run. Was that your experience?

  2. LOVED the color run when I did it in Chicago in June. Glad you had fun! :)