Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And the Blister Won

I headed to the gym right after work. All I wanted to was run. I had a lot on my mind and I needed a release. I got to the gym (it was way too hot to try to run outside) and I just went. Suddenly, I felt a tinge on my right ankle. I looked down and that stupid blister from Saturdays race was mocking me and didn't want me to run. It started bleeding and that was it. I ended up running 1 mile. I should have stopped earlier, but I at least wanted 1 mile. It doesn't look like much, but blister come with a lot of pain in a small package (and I know that I have a lot of freckles on my legs thanks to surfing in Hawaii). 

I didn't need any pain, so I got off the treadmill and headed to the weight section of the gym and started with my arms. After about 25 minutes, I started feeling that good pain in my arms and knew I had done what I came there to do. I was happy and ready to go home. 

When I got home, Jason was in the backyard starting to work on our rock wall, for the day. I hung out there and helped him out the rest of the night. And, yes, lifting heavy rocks right after working out my arms does really kill a person!

Have you had any weaknesses lately?

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, blisters suck! Good for you, though, getting a good workout!

    My weakness lately has been making time. Last week and the week before I didn't get as much running in because of work commitments, but I'm fixing that this week!