Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yoga with Denise Austin

Last week, I didn't go to my yoga class, I stayed home a did a disc on the tv. I had Denise Austin in my home instructing me. It was so nice to be at home working out (minus the cats trying to lay on my mat the entire time).

I did go to yoga class class (and it was so nice to stretch, I really needed it) last night. After that and doing some more digging for the rock wall, I needed dinner badly. Talapia and green beans were it!! Yum!!

I was able to relax a little and cuddle with my little Izzie kitty (she loves her blue monkey).

I am so tired, but I try to keep a smile on my face (it's all for fun in the end and I'll never forget building this wall).

Do you prefer going to a yoga studio, taking a class at the gym and practicing at home? I've never been to a studio, so I think I prefer the gym.

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