Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wanna be a Watermelon Baller, Fruit Caller

My spin instructor was off this week (as well as last), so I was able to enjoy another pilates class. Since we worked out our arms last week, I thought it was a weekly thing. I decided to do a little mat work on my abs. I spent a glorious 25 minutes working the abdominal muscles. I loved every one of the 1,500 seconds (I did the math!).

In class, we were upside down a lot. I learned that I shouldn't wear a low cut tank next time I take this class (and probably yoga, too). No one was staring, but I felt like they were. 

Little did I know, we were going to spend the entire hour working on our abs. I seem to always work the muscle that we end up working in class. I guess, I'm getting extra strong????

When I got home, I just wanted something super cool to eat (then my hot burrito). I had a watermelon chillin in the fridge, so I decided to ball it up. For some reason, I always have to ball my melons (I really only eat watermelons and honeydew). I felt like a baller (ha ha, a play on words)!!

Well, it's time to get going and do some stuff (hmm, probably should go to work). 

How do you cut up watermelon? Do you slice it in triangles, wedges, ball it ( like me), or something else? Have you seen those things people make out of watermelons? I saw that this person made a drink dispenser out of an empty one. It looked pretty cool, but I don't think I have patients for that.

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