Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Look Sky, Down Dog

My newest hobby is finding fun crafts and things to make. Since Jason is a big Star Wars fan, I thought this was fun. This a clone trooper paper snowflake. They have a lot of different characters on this site. It's fun!

Since I felt 100% better (from yesterday's stomach issues), I was able to go to my yoga class. There was a sub for the class. In my experience with subs, they never teach the class as good as the regular instructor. This instructor was difficult to understand (she had a thick Russian accent) and had a different way of teaching. She called downward facing dog, "down dog", and when she wanted us to look up, she would say "look sky". It took a little time to get use to her. Last night's yoga class was taught as a workout, not mainly stretching (like I'm use to), which was a nice change. 

Since I am use to the stretching kind of class, I had worked out my legs prior going to class. It was pretty tough balancing in tree pose for about 2 minutes last night. My legs were quivering. I learned a lot of new poses, I've never done before. I think one of my favorites was preying mantis pose. You have your legs on the ground, put your forehead on the ground, in front and place your elbows on the ground next to your ears with your hands behind your head (palm to palm). It's not so much fun to do this pose on hard tile. I wouldn't recommend it.

I was starving when I got home (dinner was in the oven when I did this pose for you guys). What a better thing to do in a house that is 87 degrees, bake chicken. I was not thinking ahead when I planned this weeks menu. But, man, was it good! I started as soon as my bags hit the ground (which Jason hates when I leave my gym bag in the kitchen...I don't know why). 

Last night's dinner (and tonight's left overs) was chicken parm, with green beans and garlic muffins

Jason and I are huge fans of garlic (I feel sorry for anyone that comes close to us sometimes). These muffins hit the spot (you don't have to put in so much garlic) ! I've made this chicken many, many times (that's how good it is). 

What do you classify a muffin (vs. a cupcake)? I think a muffin doesn't have frosting and a cupcake has frosting. If I had frosted this with something (not sure what), it would become a cupcake. 

I'm taking my first ever pilates class tonight, should I bring my yoga mat (do people use them in this class)? I was also going to work out my arms before hand, is that a bad idea?

What's your favorite yoga pose, anything uncommon?

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