Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yoga in the Ocean & Decorating

Yoga class goes by way too fast. That is my only complaint today! I loved working my legs with weights before yoga and I absolutely loved class. It was one of those perfect workout days. I was able to forget everything and just sweat. It was much needed. 

In yoga, it was so calming, the instructor played one of those cds that has the sounds of the ocean. So, I felt like I was really there. Plus, I get super cold during class and the fans above cause a slight breeze, so it really does feel like I'm there. A great night!

That type of workout is so great, when I'm working on so many things at once. I work full time (which is getting very busy right now), then I workout and come home to get ready for the next day and fix dinner. On the weekends, we work around the house.

This weekend, I painted the hallway and hung the pictures up (we'll get more as time passes).

I made a picture of mine and Jason's first dance (from our wedding) with the lyrics off to the side and hung it up in the un-finished bedroom.

I also painted some canvas with leaves from our backyard and hung them on the wall (near the living room), as well.

All this, while we continuously worked on our rock wall in the backyard (which we're hoping to finish this coming weekend). We're a little over half way there. It's going to be so exciting when it's finished!

And, I'm also planning Jason's 40th (big) party for next month and I want everything to be perfect!

Right now, I really need my workouts. They really keep me sane! I think my ankle should be better for my run next week. That will help even more!

What keeps you sane in your daily life? What's making you insane?

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