Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stranger Danger

A few major bullet points about this run:

It was very, very wet outside
People are still nice (or creepy) around here
It's easy to steam up a car window

When I left work to go run (4 miles), it was already wet outside and I knew it was only going to get worst. But, I decided to brave the rain and head outside anyways. It may be raining on Sunday (for the race), so I have to be prepared anyways.

I parked my car (just a .5 mile away from work, I just don't want other people to start asking me questions around here as to why I run in the rain and so on). When I started, no one was out. It was just me, the rain and a million cars driving by (I run during rush hour traffic). I only hit 2 stop lights on this run (this time). At the first light, I was waiting for the crosswalk sign to tell me to go. Since I just missed it, I knew it was going to be a while. While I was spacing out, a guy drove up (he was making a right hand turn) and rolled down his window. I just thought it was going to be some stupid guy cat calling (only they're not brave enough to get that close). It was an older guy (in his 60's) and he asked if I was ok and if I needed a ride. I smiled and told him I was fine. I haven't decided if this was nice or creepy, yet.

About a mile down the ode, I hit the 2nd light. Again, another guy rolled up and asked if I needed any help. Once again, I smiled and said no thank you (again, nice or creepy?). I think I should wear a sign that says "I CHOSE TO DO THIS". I know I probably looked like a drowned rat, but I was so happy to be running in the rain.

I love running in the rain. It helps motivate me to run faster. The quicker I get the run finished, the sooner I can take a hot shower. I decided to run without a jacket (thanks to my peeps on fb and twitter). It was perfect! If you look close (in the photo above) you can see how wet my shirt is. You can see my pink long sleeve underneath. It was my wettest run of the year. I loved every minute of it!!

When I got back to my car, I saw exactly how fast I could fog up my car windows. I had to wait a few minutes, so they would un-fog and I could drive.

What's your favorite weather to run it? The perfect weather for me is a little misty, about 50 degrees and the sun just peaking out (and no traffic with a ton of other runners out).


  1. The UPS man always stops and asks me if I am doing this on purpose or if I need a ride, it gets annoying after awhile. I like to run in the high forties with sunshine and no freaking wind!

  2. Ended up running in a wicked thunder/lightning storm early last week, with crazy driving rain, and loved every minute of it. The lightning actually got so bad I was getting a little nervous, but it was still great. Bonus points for me being smart enough not to bring my iPod or Garmin with me, since I drowned my last iPod doing this same thing. Truly one of my favorite things is running in the rain in the heat of Summer. Hard to beat.

  3. Interesting. I'm glad I found your blog (I follow you via twitter). I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone (coming from a city it creeped me out). I'm not sure what I would do either and can't decide if it's creepy or not. Anyways-can't wait to continue reading your blog!

  4. I like to run when it's mid forties and low fifties. Not too much sun, and i'd love to see the wind under 10 MPH if at all possible! :P