Monday, March 19, 2012

Planting on St. Patty's Day

What to do when your local home improvement store is having an awesome deal on the exact plants you want to plant later on?? You buy them in the pouring rain, keep them on your patio and then plant them the second you have a break between storms. That's exactly what I did (Jason helped too).

On Saturday morning, we got up early and I skipped my morning run to plant all day long. There was a lot of digging, building of mow strips and so much more! I'll save you from the boring stuff and show you the end result. I think it only took us about 6 hours!! Azaleas are on the right and Japanese Boxwoods are on the left.

The second we got done (Jason cleaned up), I headed indoors and started baking. I had a huge St. Patty's Day feast on tap for us. Our appetizer was Irish Soda Bread. I hate raisins, but I love this bread. It was so easy to make.

Our main course was Shepard's Pie!! I love this recipe. It's very time consuming, but so worth it!! I paired it with green wine (we drank the beer earlier).

I was the only one wearing green. Don't worry, he got pinched.

We had a long, hard, muscle wearing day and even Izzie was tired. But, dessert was still to come!

I knew these cookies would be good. Just look at the ingredients (they're all so bad for you). The chocolate mint thumbprint cookies are so good!! I made these double the size that the recipe suggested. I figure that each cookie as about 160 calories. Crazy!!

I'm heading to my ripped class tonight, but before that, I have a 3 mile run on bored (indoors). I just found out that I'm getting a free entry into a 10 miler on the 1st. I have some training to do. A lot more running to come!

How did you celebrate St. Patty's Day?

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